Slot machines – a short history

Slot machines – a short history

Slot machines, especially online slots, are some of the most popular casino games, especially in online casinos, due to their sharp learning curve and their huge variety. Online casinos usually feature tens, if not hundreds of differently themes slots, with 3, 5 or 9 reels, many paylines and several with side games, bonuses and progressive jackpots.

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Slot machines have a long history. The first such machine was built in 1887 by American inventor Charles Fay. These machines had three reels and a total of five different symbols – horseshoe, diamond, spade, heart and the Liberty Bell – matching three Libery Bells paid the highes winning, of course. This symbol became iconic – in the later years the machines built by Fay became well known as ‘bell machines’.

The first modern slot machine, capable of paying up to 500 coins without any further assistance, was built by Bally Entertainment in 1963. This was the most advanced such machine until the year 1976, when the first video slots were developed. The machine was field tested and approved, and later spread to most casinos in Las Vegas https://playcanadacasino.com/7-sultans/. This machine paved the way of the slot machines straight to personal computers, and later the internet.

Nowadays there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different slot machines available either offline, or in online casinos. Since the Liberty Bell, slot machines have developed a lot – the original three reels were replaced by five, or even nine reels, and the number of paylines also grew considerably, from just one up to 20. The odds of winning at slot machines diminished a lot, though, since the Liberty Bell – the first slots had only three reels and five symbols, and offered a much bigger chance on winning as modern slots with three times as many rees and much more symbols on them. This doesn’t diminish the amount of fun a gambler can have when playing with slot machines, with superior visuals and sound, not to mention the sub-games, bonuses, add-ins and jackpots.

Modern slot machines come in a variety of setups. 3 reel slot machines, just like the original ‘bell’ machines, usually feature a single payline. 5-reel slots are a bit more complex – the number of possible combinations is much bigger. 7reel slots are rare, and are usually video slots. 9 and 12 reel versions are also rare. In this case, each reel is only showing one symbol.